Nenard Limoy (slimgatsby) wrote in furrymedia,
Nenard Limoy

OMGWTF! Furries Saga: The Official Announcement & More!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that, despite lingering in Production Hell for five years, OMGWTF! Furries II, the sequel to the ridiculous OMGWTF! Furries no-budget mockumentary that upset and offended everyone in 2005 has officially been scrapped...

Because we just have way too much story to tell and jokes to set up than an hour and a half could have held!

Emerging from the ashes, OMGWTF! Furries Saga will be broken down into at least three or four "seasons," 40 minutes to an hour long each. The entire first season, OMGWTF! Furries Saga: Revenge of the Yiff will be premiering at FurFright on Sunday, October 31st, 2010. At the same time, the first episode will go live on YouTube and be published bi-weekly for the run of the season.

Every week until FurFright, we'll be posting clips, trailers, and stills on the FurFright and furrymedia LJ communities, my LJ, and

Meet Martino. Passionate. Enthusiastic. Not too bright.

More info, trailers, and stills to come.

OMGWTF! Furries is available for viewing on YouTube or at
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