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What not to do as a mascot

Not necessarily furry related, but good lesson for those who mascot.

Video: Ohio's mascot is a better tackler than Ohio's players
By Matt Hinton


Predictably, Ohio U.'s defense had no luck Saturday with Ohio State's offense. The Buckeyes scored four touchdowns and two field goals on their first six offensive possessions, blowing out to a 34-0 lead before putting it on cruise control in a 43-7 rout, and extending OSU's winning streak over in-state "rivals" to 33 games. At least Ohio's mascot, Rufus the Bobcat, was able to get in one good lick for the underdogs before the carnage began, sort of:

Well, he's persistent, anyway.

Why did Rufus jump Brutus? He's an amped-up, 19-year-old undergrad in a bobcat costume with a chip on his shoulder in front of 100,000 people. Why do fish swim? And frankly, if you're just running onto the field, maybe you're kind of asking for it.

In fact, the guy in the suit, Brandon Hanning, told the Ohio student newspaper he tried out for the job with the explicit intention of assaulting Brutus this year – then dropped out after landing the gig. He's currently a student at nearby Hocking College. And he is not sorry at all: "It was the whole reason I tried out (to be Rufus) last year," he told The Post. "I knew we were going back to OSU this year, and I wanted to tackle Brutus." A true American success story, this kid.

Of course, the university immediately apologized to Ohio State, banned Hanning from further games and sent out an email assuring media that the athletic department "regretted the negative effect of the mascot's actions on the relationship between the two schools." If the department really cared about the mascot's effect of the reputation of the school, it would send him to the Oregon Duck for MMA training, and then see who comes up apologizing next time.


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