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Woyro's Warren episode 104---Poolside with Woyro

i posted this one a few days ago over at http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com and it was posted to iTunes for those of you who subscribe to the feed.  i talk about my quick little invasion of Anthrocon, and my trip to Butler, PA for Monsterbash. 

my NEW furry con for the year will be Antheira (or however its spelled) over in LA.  more on this later.  i have SO much to talk about, but i am currently packing for my vacation next week.  going off to check on Mommaskunk and then off to Megaplex in orlando.  BEEEEEKMANNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

here is the link to the file at divshare:    http://www.divshare.com/download/12021904-af2

if you want to listen to it now, just click the thingie below. 

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