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Norwegian furries are now national news, newspaper article today.

In Norway we have two national tabloid newspapers, VG and Dagbladet. Dagbladet prints a little over 100.000 newspapers, approx 1/3 of VG. Though this number seems small, it is the 3rd largest newspaper in Norway and is at every store, gas-station and kiosk in the country.

Today a photo of furries where features on the front cover, top right. Dagbladet FREDAG,an insert magazine to the Friday edition had the story, spanning 8 pages, several pages being dedicated to large photos of Fursuiters.

The article was pre-approved by furries before being published, and gave a pretty good description of what we are all about. Preferring to be somewhat anonymous, I did not contribute much to the article except fact-inputs, but it was fun to read the "The Norwegian furry branch started in 1994 when a lonely Lion King fan stumbled across a furry forum on the internet", since that was me. Yah, all alone back then. We are somewhat between 100-200 furries now.

The article is very focused around a furmeet held in Oslo, a few furries are pictured without suits and with names given. It talks about the different reasons for being furry, all from liking anthro art, to having a desire to be the animal. It also mentions how most furries do not want to be recognized as furries due to the bad media coverage in CSI and similar.

Though not putting us in a bad light, I worry that many will regard us as freak regardless, as we are something they do not understand.

The online is on Monday having a "net-meet" with two furries, me and Kal, where people submit questions and we answer. We will have to see what sorta question comes in, it is somewhat scary.

The full article, with exception of a fact box giving a few more facts on furries, and with only a small selection of the photos, is here

It is Norwegian, mebbe use Google translate. Or mebbe someone will translate. Mebbe me...

Updates follow.

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