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What Discovery Health Thinks of the Fandom?

I been listening in on the All Fur Fun Forums, The owner has been posting letters from (Freak ) Reality show produces who want to “Interview” furries. 


My name is Michele Spinak and I work on a program you may be familiar with that airs on Discovery Health Channel called I'm Pregnant and...
The show airs Tuesday nights at 9:30pm. Four out of our six episodes have aired. They have been very successful so we have been asked to gear up for a second season.

We are doing our initial outreach for the second season and one topic we are looking to include is I'm Pregnant and...a Furry. I was hoping to speak with someone in greater detail about the program and the outreach I am doing. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Michele Spinak”

Some had done some research and found

  •  I'm Pregnant and Addicted
  • I'm Pregnant and Homeless
  • I'm Pregnant and I Have An Eating Disorder
  • I'm Pregnant and 55 Years Old
  • I'm Pregnant and Bipolar
  • I'm Pregnant and In Prison

The show sounds like another shock the audience reality shows. 

If that not enough here another letter:

“I am also casting for another program for Discovery Health Channel called Strange Sex. We were looking to do a segment on Furries for that program as well. I know only some Furries are into the sexual aspect of it all. I was wondering if you could suggest people for me to reach out to about the program. We are just simply trying to tell the story of what it is because I think a lot of people have different conceptions about what being a furry really is.” 

What in hell Mr. Spinak thinks we are, some freak show for his business aspirations. To me he just another Hollywood schlock want to make a buck by pedaling trash TV, 

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