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Woyro's Warren episode 101---Ups & Downs of 2009: So Long Papa Skunk

the new Woyro's Warren episode is now up and downloadable through ITunes.

you can also snag it over at http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com

i've also posted it at divshare.  a lot of you are using this option and i'm happy to put it up there.  the link for the curren episode is:

this time i talk about the highs and lows that i had to deal with at the end of 2009.  the reconciliation with an old friend and the loss of a parent.  dont worry.  i dont get too emo.  Papa Skunk wouldnt have liked that!  but, there are some spooky elements that i relate at the end of the podcast. 

and, yes, i DO know the difference between a decade and a century.  gimme a break on this one, eh?
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