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The start of an Idea that we need to benifit the Fandom

This is an idea, an important idea that needs to happen. Though an idea I do not nessicarily want to be in charge of.

We need to develope a posative press kit to hand to organizers of events, like theme park relations, for example, showing the good of "Furry" the true nature of the mainstream fandom.

We need

1) Letters of recomendations from Guests of honors, like Tim Alby, Stan Sakai, Etc
2) Letters of thanks and apreciation from the numerous charities our auctions benefit every year
3) Letters of Trustworthyness from Hotel Operations managers, like Magic Tom, or the others who let us come back to their establishments every year
4) Bios of some of our Most prestigious members (The mainstream artists, the Scientists, the Profesional Writers)
5) News articles that portrayed us in a Posative, or atleast netrual light

Simply sayign such things exist in a phone conversation between a cheif security officer or operations manager or PR rep doesn't cut ti.

We need hard copy evidence bundled together in a profesional press release packet that can easily be mailed, faxed, or emailed.

It needs to be open to all people (with credibility and good intent) to hand to people when people need to plan events, it would be an invaluable resource for people wanting to set up 3rd party outside a con liek suiting in a theme park, it woudl help programign directors extending the cons presence to local attractions (this has come up twice recently)

Enstead of avoiding press requests a con coudl send out thsi packet and amke a nutural or dare i say psoative impresion enstead of a negative one.

I'm sure a lot fo thsi is covered already by the individual cons, you dotn just show up at a hotel and say "i'd like to hold a fur con here please" There has to be soem kidn of pitch and i'm sure it has hard copy letters. I think the cons need to join forces in thsi case *if they haven't already* and cross share their acknoledgments and letters of praise. ANd make sure their staff members have access to the material on demand to help set up things. (and ultimatly at some point be available to people for smaller, local events.

I think there needs to be a central clearing house were positive news, letters and such can be sent, cataloged and prepared for distrobution.

Is thsi somthing doable, or just a pipe dream?

Discuss amongst yourselves and share with people of influence

People who get to know us furs like us...but people dunno that outside our group where we need the positive recomendations most.
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