October 3rd, 2013

"Ask a Furry" on Radio From Hell, X96 in Salt Lake City, UT

So me and a few fellow furries got on the radio, and i thought i would share what happened.

First, I live in Utah. Right before our startup con Unthrocon at the end of August, one of the radio shows found out we were having the convention. I decided to write in a letter, which they read on the air. The recorded show can be found here. They asked if they could set up an "ask a furry" segment, and have people ask questions. This was arranged.

Today we had our "ask a furry" segment. Show recording can be found here. Personally, i thought it turned out well. They were very interested in finding out about fursuits, fursuit sex, and the like. We did our best to make the fandom sound good, and delved very little into the sexual end of it. Overall, i thought it turned out pretty well. I know they were going for more of a 'shock and awe' story, but found we are more normal than they thought.

Thought you would like this.

~ Lazer
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