September 21st, 2012


Mamma-chan! World's most popular mascot!

"Mamma-chan! World's most popular mascot!" Or so he thought. After leaving Japan to visit Anthrocon, Mamma (from Sanma to Mamma) thought everybody would recognize him! This isn't so, as most fursuiters and cosplayers had no idea. So, Mamma had to do something drastic, in front of a stage of thousands of people!"

oh. my. gosh. i am just dying from how precious this is. Its a little sad in a funny way that Mamma-Chan didn't get the same reception that Sardyuon did but at the same time he's obviously popular enough already in Japan that I don't feel too bad haha. This is I'm sure the very first time that Japan has reported on American furry fandom, they've reported on the japanese furry conventions in the past but we all know that online translators always muddle those up. Whats amazing and exciting about this is that it's subtitled. I'm sorry, I'm just quite happy, furry just went global, pretty legitimately.

ZDF Heute Nacht / EF18

Taken from the youtube description: "Short documentary about Eurofurence by German public television. Unfortunately, the editors in charge didn't really "get" the event, and sadly put it all under a rather cynic, hostile undertone. We didn't expect that from a news item on public TV, even though we are talking about late night news. Even RTL was more sensitive in most of their tabloid formats about us.
The item ran in the late night news. Sadly, that seems to be the usual style of hard news reports at the ZDF (and the reporter didn't seem to be too happy having to do a soft news item to begin with.)
EZWolf was quoted grossly out of context, and what he meant intentionally got lost in translation.
The reporter also asked Lucky Tiger to come back in suit after they basically wrapped it up, because she wanted to ask some more questions (for example, she totally forgot to ask his age, where he's living, what he does for a living, despite having talked to him more than an hour before) and get some additional shots of him in suit. Unfortunately,
he just had washed the body suit, so it was soaking wet.
That's pretty amateurish. 
In the end it feels a bit like both the newscutter and the editor were also pissed off by the kind of material they got, that was apparently not what they requested.
Oh well, that's the thing about working with the press: It's either hit or miss"

Geek Love in Penthouse

So I was more than a little surprised when my friendly neighborhood comic-book-store clerk told me she was looking forward to this year’s New York Comic Con because “conventions are all about the sex.”

A non-fur friend sent me the link to this story. Although its a couple years old, this is a story you can forward to those that tell you that sci-fi, superhero or anime cosplayers dont go to cons to "hook up".

And amazingly, it doesn't mention furries at all.