September 14th, 2012

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Portland Library Board To Discuss Behavior Policy - CTnow

A costumed visitor to the Enfield Public Library provokes discussion about appropriate behavior in libraries.  (Update to the article previously posted by Higgs, including mention of FurFright.)

The comment I posted to the article:

This article used cursory research at best. Most furries do not dress up at all and are merely fans of animal characters in cartoons, novels, movies, etc. The costumer in Enfield may either have been invited as part of a community event, or was acting against the common sense advice of the rest of furry fandom and is not representative of it. Most costumers, like any performance artists, know not to appear uninvited or to approach anyone, especially children, without supervision, mainly for the costumer's protection from reactionary people.

For a more objective article on furry fandom, see the Hartford Advocate's "Hell Hath no Furries".
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