June 15th, 2012


What did you say enuses?


"Jeff Goode is the creator of American Dragon: Jake Long for the Disney Channel. Previous to that he was well-known as a playwright, responsible for such works as The Eight: Reindeer Monologues. He has also been a Guest of Honor at several furry fandom conventions. Combine all those facts and you might just have an explanation for his latest work for the stage, Fursona Non Grata. Here’s what the press release says: 'A young woman raised furry brings her mundane fiancé home for the holidays to meet her family for the first time. Fur-larity ensues. Screenwriter and playwright Jeff Goode, the creator of Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long and the author of The Eight: Reindeer Monologues is developing a new stage play for SkyPilot Theatre Company in Los Angeles, inspired in part by his misadventures as a GoH at Califur, Rocket City Furmeet and Oklacon. The original comedy Fursona Non Grata will have its first public reading on: Sunday, June 17 @ 3:00 p.m. at the Sherry Theater, 11052 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA. Admission is Free! Featuring Katie Apicella, Jude Evans, Brett Fleisher, Kelly Goodman, Joanna Kalafatis, Christian Levatino, Bart Petty, Rosina Pinchot, and Julia Sanford. There will be a post-reading talk-back with the author. This will be a chance for actors, audience and the furry fandom to give the author direct feedback on this new work-in-progress which is set to premiere in 2013 as part of SkyPilot’s main stage season.' Fursona Non Grata also has its own Facebook page where you can learn more about the new production."

That's Jeff on the left. . .

The Northern California Volleyball Association and Further Confusion

Here is an article in the Contra Costa Times, a daily newspaper based in Walnut Creek, California.

It describes the Northern California Volleyball Association, and their reluctance at sharing the San Jose McEnery Convention Center with HempCon 2012 (San Jose's "medical marijuana show").

Further Confusion gets a few mentions...

This weekend stirred up uncomfortable memories for Skov of the most recent Northern California Volleyball Association tournament at the convention center in January. The place was overrun with "furries" -- people who dress in animal costumes -- at FurCon. "First we had the fuzzy people, now we have HempCon," Skov said. "Come on, San Jose! What's happening?"

Horrigan said there will be added security outside the convention center this weekend to make sure everyone has exactly the experience they came for -- and nothing more. The same thing happened in January when the NCVA learned it would share the convention center with FurCon. "Some of the other parents told me they had checked into it and found things that made it out to be basically a porn fetish convention," said D'Aquino, who conceded his knowledge of furries is based on an episode of television's "CSI."

"As soon as we heard about that, we were big-time alarmed," Donaghy said.

Parents of volleyball players were warned not to stay in hotels where furries had booked rooms. Skov was one of the few parents who ignored that warning.

"Oh my God," she said, recalling several tense elevator rides during the tournament. "Who even ever heard of these people? I'm like, 'OK, if you're so unhappy you've got to be an animal, that's a little strange to me.' Not my world."