April 14th, 2012

Colbert: ...Oops

Fabricated NZ Furry Fetish Article?

Furries are covered in Lifestyle section of The Press online New Zealand newspaper, 4/14 edition. The article appears under the charming title "Fur Fetishists 'Just Nature Lovers'". It describes a meeting with Bunny and Mr. Wolf where they talked about the fandom basically as a fetish and dating scene; they were joined by three others, all completely in fursuit -- including driving(!) to/from the meet.

In the comments on the site, NZ furries are calling out the writer for completely fabricating the whole article. One of the organizers of FurCoNZ (which was mentioned in the article) posted, "We're a pretty tight-knit community, and we do not know of the people you named in your article. .. We welcome the aformentioned Christchurch furries to make themselves known to us, as we'd be most interested to talk to them. But we have not heard of ANYONE mentioning any aspects from your article above, makes us think that: 1) you did make up a vast majority of the aritcle 2) you talked with someone that is completely not within our community."

Similar sentiments were echoed by several other posters. The descriptions from the article don't seem to ring true to folks who know the fandom. Also, no furries are mentioned by fan/fursona name -- unlike almost every other article about the fandom.

At present, the news site has left up comments calling them out for fakery. No official comment (that I can find) has been posted in response.