December 14th, 2011

Bar Scene

The Year of the Flood

Quote from The Year of the Flood, authored by Margaret Atwood (as a sidenote it's a sequel to Oryx and Crake and it mostly takes place on a post apocalyptic Earth).

The below quote takes place early in the novel and doesn't have a lot to do with the plot, another reference or two to "furzoots" appear later in the novel but the one below is the first and takes place in chapter 7:

"Toby got a job as a furzooter: cheap day labour, no identity required. The furzooters put on fake-fur animal suits with cartoon heads and hung advertising signs around their necks, and worked the higher-end malls and boutique retail streets. But it was hot and humid inside the furzoots, and the range of vision was limited. In the first week she suffered three attacks by fetishists who knocked her over, twisted the big head around so she was blinded, and rubbed their pelvises against her fur, making strange noises, of which the meows were the most recognizable. It wasn't rape - no part of her actual body was touched - but it was creepy. Also it was distasteful dressing up as bears and tigers and lions and other endangered species she could hear being slaughtered on the floor below her. So she stopped doing that."