November 13th, 2011


Yahoo Odd News: Costumed Convention

(its the second story in the video, starts around 1:08)

I'm really surprised to see yahoo do furry coverage, have they ever actually done that befoe???. I know this is sorta old, from EF, but I never saw it posted here and I am highly amused and grateful for the sense of total neutrality on the subject of furries the bit seems to take, not making it a spectacle as usual. Its like they announced a comic book convention or something.

"festival of fur" that shit made me loool though, why doesn't everyone get that its about anthro animals, not just fursuits. I mean, furries ain't rocket science people XD

also, on a completely different side note. is there, and if there isn't there should be a furry documentary made in the style of a "day at the convention". I think a furry should film something that shows what a "typical/neutral" furry does at a convention. Like first he'd wait in line, crack jokes about how long it took, get his badge, then he would meet up with friends, socialize, interact with fursuiters, go look around the dealers den and have a talk with an artist or two, buy something cute like a plush or something, then go out to a couple of panels about stuff like art, or spirituality, or fursuiting, or the wild animal panel, something like that. Then they go out to eat come back, go to the dance and then bed down for another day of furry convention fun.
I think the problem with a lot of furry documentary's is they never let it talk for itself. Its always a voice of of someone just listing off facts about furries that are pretty well known by now "they like anthro animals" "some dress in fursuits" "there is art and panels". I wish there could just be a doc that lets the con experience speak for itself in a simple "how to enjoy your first furry con" kind of style.
idk, it would be cool. LOL, sorry about the extreme tangent, someone should just...make that lol. Or I'll try? :p