October 9th, 2011


FNN Featured Fursuiter of the Month - Kiwa Lyon

Hey all, just letting everyone know that I've posted the October Fursuiter of the Month feature on Furry News Network (FNN).

If you're unfamiliar with the series, the FFotM is a profile series where I feature one well-recognized figure in the fandom's fursuiting community. In the story I try to offer a unique, "behind the mask" look at their characters, their lives outside of fursuiting, as well as how they came across the furry fandom.  As a journalist I love hearing other people's stories and presenting them to you guys!

Went a little outside the box this month with Kiwa Lyon, but he is an awesome guy and a pleasure to interview.  And I'm sure if anyone has seen his character at cons, he's not easily forgotten! Kiwa gave me a ton of great quotes and information and I think this is my best "furry" journalism work so far :)  Enjoy!

Kiwa Lyon: An Outcast No More

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