August 20th, 2011

"Those Adults Who Don an Animal Costume"

Here is an article on the furry fandom in the online edition of "20 Minutes" (a Swiss newspaper, dated August 10).

A Google translation of the article, from original French, reads:

Dress up as giant teddy? The "fursuiters" do. This unusual movement arrives in Europe.

Created outside the conventions of science fiction in the United States in 80 years, the movement of "furries" and "fursuiters" landed in Europe. These young adults (average age is 24 years old) create an avatar and animal don his costume. Thus disguised, they go to conventions, or march, as was the case on August 7 in the Parc de Vincennes in Paris (France).

The "furries" are organized into small community. They have an own wiki ( WikiFur ), many forums and even a dating site . Social networks also allow them to communicate and organize events. England and Germany had the largest communities "fursuiters" of Europe. France, she would bring together 30 to 400 "furries", the newspaper " Le Parisien ".

What unites these adults is the passion of the transformation of man into an animal. In addition, Marline, a student of 18 years, says the " Parisien "she likes to see" the look amazed "when the children paraded through the streets.

The "fursuiting" is a hobby that is expensive: about 2600 francs for a full suit.

But that is not on the internet and on the street as "fursuiters" stand out. They also appear in television series (one episode of "CSI" is devoted to them or on posters. Sign that the acceptance is close on 17 August, the European Convention Eurofurence count Jim Martin, who is none other than creator of "Sesame Street" as guest of honor. If this is not the consecration, that!