August 6th, 2011


Whatever, Kage.

" I usually just roll my eyes when people say that … When the first furry convention started in Southern California, there were some overly imaginative people. News cameras just happened to tune in that. [After those truly interested in Anthrocon left], the convention dried up ... These are mostly young people, and young people have sex ... But we have very stringent codes of conduct here, and we want people to feel they can bring their kids. People portray us as we must all be about sex. But that's not us at all. We're all about self expression, but not in that way."

Let it be noted that, when Pittsburgh City Paper first covered Anthrocon in 2006, they went into a fair amount of detail, including quotes from GoH Scott Shaw! and Rabbit Valley's explicit titles:

Last year they focused on the Furoticon game: