August 2nd, 2011

loves stare

Really need this Coloring commissions

As of 2 night's past me and the mate both have a month to find a job or some kind of income to pay the electric and internet. If we can not do so by the end of the month of August We both will be out on the streets. The reason for this is the roomie Zer is going back on his promise that no matter what and I do me no matter what he would not kick us out.

So I really really need these Coloring commissions. The mate has promised to do the drawings for anyone that dose not have a line out ready. the prices are still the same and can be found here at this journal. my mate is very cheap but a dame good artist. Also stop paying people 5 to 10 dollars for Flat color work when you can pay me my price and get the same detailed flat color you been getting from those people charging 5 to 10 dollars.

So so Please PLEASE if you got Line art and would like it colored Commission me PLEASE. We really need the money to keep a roof over your heads.

Also my mates commission rates can be found here.