July 8th, 2011

  • coyoty

Cairo's Shorouk News article on Anthrocon, translated by Google Translate

Animal lovers animated characters celebrating in the U.S. city

- Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania - Reuters

Gathered thousands of animal lovers of the famous characters in animated films in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to participate in the annual opening of their exhibition, which is known as (Ontherokon) (Anthrocon) and some of them wore a fashion favorite personalities.

The organizers of this exhibition, which opened on Friday, it includes works of art and sell Comics, dances and lessons in the art of moving the brides and discussions about the art of storytelling using the sounds.

And rode many of the pioneers of the exhibition Veola for themselves, and others wore full fashion favorite animal personalities that appear in the animation has been specifically designed them dress up the cost per thousands of dollars.

The Carl Georjensen one of the pioneers of the show, wearing the uniforms of the fur of the animal characters is rooted in his love of the old Looney Tunes characters famous, "I am interested in animation and fun, not one of us likes to watch cartoons?"

Said John Cole, one of the organizers, said he expected that this year's exhibition attracted nearly five thousand people, this will be the largest gathering of lovers of animal characters in animation since the start of the exhibition 14 years ago in Albany, New York.