May 15th, 2011

Radio interview with Danish furries?

I happened upon this, dated from about a month ago (April 19):

archived program:

It's in Danish, and looks like a piece on a radio program. (Any Danish furs here who can elaborate?)

A quick-and-dirty Google translation, of the page's text to English, reads:

Bold, beautiful and sexy furries
Club Room 19th April 2011, at. 16:10 P1

Listen to the show (43:32)

By fox cage in Scandinavian wildlife park sits club room with Charlie, Martin and Ole. They are ordinary young people, but they are also a wolf, a fox and a gray jackal.

When the fox plays Guitar Hero
There is a group of young Danes who call themselves furries. They dress in animal costumes, exchange drawings of animals and meet at the 'furmeets' to talk about the furry subculture and their various fields of interest within it. Ole example. a 'fur-suites'. So he dresses himself out in big animal costumes and join forces with other fur-suites out in parks, where he gives the past an adequate experience they will long remember. - I decided once to go to Blockbuster to download a game wearing my fursuit. It turned out to be a fantastic trip for all responded so positively. The employees behind the counter was completely finished with laughter and there were two boys behind me in the queue who called their friends and said 'Hey, I just can not wait have to get down to Blockbuster, here is a giant fox and play Guitar Hero! "

Fur porn yiff =
But when you move into the dirtier part of furry culture, then you come upon furry self-invented synonym for furry porn: Yiff. Martin is 28 years and was for many years a fan of an American account named Eric Schwarz. Eric Schwarz's first animal motifs were quite innocent, but at some point learns Martin, the artist starts to draw its anthropomorphic animal women with large, bare breasts and with a lot more affectionate glances. Martin's drawing style evolve in the same direction, and he still prefers yiff rather ordinary man porn. - It gives just an extra dimension that the girl has fur and cat ears. It's probably just a fetish, like so many others, he says.

Furries across borders
Yiff has spread like a prairie wind out of the Internet's nooks and crannies, and you can find according to Martin yiff just as easily as one can find general porn on the net. And furrykulturen owe the Internet a great deal of its success, for it was over the net that culture in the early '90s began to break boundaries. Today furries exchange pictures, drawings, yiff, fur art and stories over the net, and it is here that the big Furry Conventions is beaten up. Kept example. a Fur Con in September in Germany, where organizers expect thousands of furries as a visitor.