February 22nd, 2011

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Sic semper jackasses


I wouldn't link to something this lame, except that the overwhelmingly negative response in the comments suggests that the whole furry bashing thing is pretty much old and played out (yes, we know that, but more and more people now know it too):

"I'm just glad to hear somebody somewhere say 'I just didn't feel like watching a movie that didn't look like I was going to enjoy'"

"Nice to see that Tor.com is finding brave and incisive columnists to go out on controversial limbs and take provocative positions like making fun of furries. My hat's off to you sir: I have never seen such opinions expressed in public before, and the world has been made a better place by your stunningly original observations."

"Maybe furries 'get all defensive' because they're tired of being the butt of the same old jokes. Making fun of furries was old, like, in 2005. And however icky you think they are, accusing them of bestiality is neither cool nor accurate."

"There is so much ignorance and generalization in this article that for a moment I wondered if this was really Tor or if I had stumbled on Pontifex or an Onion parody.
Ok, so, first? None of my furry friends watched Avatar because the Na'vi are furry (furry? more like smurfs). They watched Avatar because of the 3D and the explodey-wodey. Like, you know, everyone else."

"There are just an endless supply of people on the internet who have never stepped out of their own comfy little rooms surrounded by people who are just like them. He thinks this is vitriol? He's never been to Daily Kos or Five Thirty Eight or Little Green Footballs. Never been to The Angry Black Woman or Making Light or the Whatever.
Which explains why he continues to fail to understand that the issue isn't a joke that fell flat, it's that the basis of the joke was 'I get to mock women with moustaches and other people at the bottom of the social hierarchy!'
He's just a fool, and an ignoramus; one of an endless number. It's not even angry-making, it's just a pathetic waste."

Maybe Bob Fingerman is a great cartoonist, but he just comes across as clueless at best.

"I have not met a furry. I freely admit bigotry against furries. They’'re just fucking weirdos."

Uh, Bob? Maybe appearing naked at the beginning of the video *isn't* the best way to endear your public into buying your comics??

The guy was pwned. The end.
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Congressman Furry? 1st District Oregon?

There a local scandal concerning the mental fitness of David Wu 1st district Oregon. I am in the 1st distinct Oregon. The issue started over resignation of his staffers and erratic behavior during the last campaign. Thanks to a local news story in Willamette Week and a comment tagged Wu being closet a furry.  A local talk radio show host had contacted uncle kage for a comment The Like to his journal is here.   

I am from the 1st Congressional district in Oregon. I cannot say I voted for him. I did volunteer for one out of the two credible Republican challengers to Wu. I was a Republican Precinct person. Sadly, most years we had no candidate running. (I sat out 2010 because I was disenchanted poor performance in campaigning and unemployment.) His costume is much ado about nothing.
The Willamette Week story tell a lot
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