December 12th, 2010


Woyro's Warren episode 112---Foreign Furry Cons

A very productive weekend! 

Been feeling a little down lately.  I guess it comes with the cold weather and such.

BUT, i managed to crank out a new episode of Woyro's Warren.  This one is a little longer than usual.  Partly to make up for the last short episode. 

This time around i talk about cons i'm planning to go to this next year.  Plus i'll be talking about furry cons outside of the US.  this will take several episodes.  I also added some music to the middle of the show.  a song called "ConSuite" by Max DeGroot.  you can find more of Max's stuff at the Fump (Funny Music Project) Sideshow (, at by googling Max DeGroot.

the show is available through iTunes, at, or from divshare.  here is the divshare download link:

and here is the player thingie so you can listen right now:

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