November 10th, 2010

"Furry" movie in "Cinekink" film festival

There's a mention of furries in this blog on the website of TBD, a cable television network serving Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Suburban Maryland:

Cinekink: Your excuse to discreetly attend a BDSM dungeon party

This weekend, sex-positive film festival Cinekink will bring two nights of cinematic inquiry into spanking, furries, and compulsive eating to the District.

The "furries" section involves a film entitled "The Sheep and the Ranch Hand" (official site here). The synopsis is:

In this funny, sexy romp, a woman dreams she's been transformed into a sheep.

In love and in lust with her handsome, butch ranch hand, she delights in being her bestial self, and finds a freedom both unexpected and profoundly empowering.

I dunno. It sounds pretty baaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaad.