October 26th, 2010

  • dwylfin

Furries for the smarts


This is more furry PR than furry media, but it sounds good (it happened a month ago):

"Friday 11 PM– Midnight
What is This Furry Fandom?
In 2009, the Mensa Annual Gathering shared Pittsburgh with Anthrocon. For some, this was their first exposure to "furries" in real life. Some Mensans attended both the AG and AC. Come and listen to "Commander Kitsune" talk about this sensationalized fandom that was once just a fringe element of the science fiction & fantasy fandom. From costuming, to creative arts, to alternative life styles, the furry fandom is one of the more diverse fandoms and many times defies definition. This is an adults only presentation.
Presented by Larry Wise (CAM Member) - Larry is a retired US Navy Commander. He works as a computer systems architect for a major telecommunications company and also owns his own multimedia company. At other times, Larry can be found at hockey games, sports car races, fandom conventions, or Wolf Park. "