September 24th, 2010

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Woyro's Warren episode 107---Ravenous Furries

first, thanks to everyone who listened to the travesty that was episod 106: In Bed with Woyro.  Woyro + Bed = Disaster.

in my continuing effort to put out a podcast at least fortnightly, i managed to crank out an episode this evening.  talking about the next 2 cons i'll be going to (Antheria and Furfright) and a little laugh about something that supposedly happened at Mephit Furmeet.

the show is downloadable through iTunes.  also available at

the mp3 is posted at divshare.  here is the link to the current episode:

and here is the player thingie if you want to listen to it right now.  its only about 23 minutes long.  thats about average.

gotta go.  vacation is calling!

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