August 26th, 2010

NeonBunny on the Radio

During the last week of August every year, a city pops out of the desert in Nevada, quickly going from population zero, to being the third largest city in Nevada.  Black Rock City is an experiment in temporal spontaneous autonomous living, lasts for only a week, and is complete with many of the things a normal city would have such as a post office and radio station.

This year, in addition to being broadcast over normal airwaves in the area (94.5), there will be a live web stream of the station.

In addition to playing some fun electro swing, balkan, and world party beats, I plan to do the usual radio banter, with a furry twist.  So expect me to talk about anything and everything, much of it furry related.  I may also have some of the camp mates from our new furry themed camp (FUR) in to talk about their furry experiences as well.

And keep in mind, this is a night time show, doesn't give a fuck about the FCC, and the city is mostly adults.  So if you are easily offended and feel that furries need to only give a one sided view of what furries are like, don't tune in.  I'll be talking about my experience with furries, I will not be talking about what some furries who feel they represent the fandom would say when talking with the normal media.  But if you want to hear what a furry on the radio in a mostly counter cultural environment would sound like, then do tune in.

The shows are scheduled for Monday (8/30) and Friday (9/3) from 10pm - midnight (PST).

You can tune into the station by going to:

And clicking "Listen Now" (at the appropriate time, of course).