August 16th, 2010

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Woyro's Warren 105--Postal Coconuts

i posted this show on iTunes last week, but i was so busy, that i didnt post it here.

this time i talk a bit more about working for the Postal Service...namely Saturday Delivery, wallets and coconuts.  yeah, coconuts.  i also talk about going to Megaplex in Orlando and talking with Paul Zaloom.

if you arent subscribed through iTunes, the show is posted here:

i also post it over at divshare.  here is the link to the current show:

and here is a player thingie that might let you listen right now, if it works for you:

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Anthropaws story - Page scans, photo blog

Here are the page scans of the Anthropaws news story that came out in the local paper last Friday so everyone can see what it looked like in print, with the cover photo and all.

Click on the small image to see a full-size version :)


Page 9

And also our staff photographer did an awesome photo blog on his visit to Anthropaws' workshop, check it out!

Anthropaws: On the "Furry" side of life
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