August 15th, 2010


Introducing the FURCAST LJ community for Furry broadcasters!

This new LJ community is for all Furs to announce planned and LIVE internet video and audio broadcasts from:

Fursuit builders and performers
Chat and News Shows
DJ Sets
Comedy and Improv
Puppet Shows
Furry Gaming
Streaming Podcasts
Full Length Videos of furry events or programs (for downloading)
Live broadcasts from conventions, dances, parties and furmeets!

This is a place where you can tell the fandom "I'm broadcasting live this week, tomorrow or tonight! - Come and watch!"

A few simple rules:

If your broadcast contains adult material, PLEASE mention it in your announcement!

Please don't embed any live video or audio. Use links to your broadcast on Ustream, JustinTV, Livestream, BlogTV and other websites instead.

Please don't post YouTube videos! The emphasis of this community is on Live streaming events.

Information and Links to downloadable podcasts or videos of Furry events and programs are welcome here!

And anyone who posts profane or insulting messages will be kicked out of the community. Lets keep it civil and friendly!

Please join and help spread the word around!

Wild`Bill`TX - Admin
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