July 26th, 2010


penguin mascot article in Reader's Digest (August 2009)

Article in a Reader's Digest (from 2009) about someone recovering from shyness by mascoting in a penguin suit.

"Inside the August (2009) Issue of Reader's Digest"

"Freed By a Penguin [by] Caroline Barlott
Crippled by social anxiety, the author found freedom from shyness in the unlikely guise of a penguin."

Quotes from http://www.readersdigest.ca/mag/cms/xcms/inside-the-august-issue-of-reader--s-digest_2931_a.html

According to a note i wrote, the article is on pages 48 to 53 of the magazine.

I don't see it at rd.com, so might have only been in Canadian version of Reader's Digest.

Article not about furry fandom, but thought some here might be interested as the piece was published in a magazine.

Apologies I didn't post this sooner (wrote a note on a piece of paper, which i then misplaced and only found that paper recently).