July 8th, 2010


Two very ecstatic reports of furry love :).

I saw that in the Dudders and Ginger article there were a couple links to shoot off stories of their friends takes on the furry convention.

I thought I'd post links to them so they are easier to find.
oh, and because this lady is so gosh darn excited about furries, haha:

Friday Night Awesome.

Mikey at the Furry Convention.
Fall out Toyworks 1

On kotaku.com

Furries on kotaku, a popular video game blog/news source.

It's Like Where's Waldo, Only With Team Fortress 2

I still haven't found the spy, though I have found a number of interesting fursuits and human imposters.

On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone know who that rabbit fursuiter is, with the blonde hair (on the same column as the green dog holding a strawberry in the front row)?

EDIT: Haha, found him. I was just starting to think that there actually was no spy, and the poster just wanted us to spend ages scanning through the picture.
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