June 29th, 2010

don't worry be furry
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Furries Are The Friendliest People

Don't worry about the color of the sky over on Planet Langhorne. Here's what really happens when folks run into a bunch of furries at Anthrocon:
"Friday nights I play softball with an amazing group of twitter/blog/IRL friends. This week, some of us shifted plans a little bit and made our way downtown to go hunt some furries. We camped out in the Westin lobby and just flat-out had a blast. We asked questions. We learned more about the conference. We smiled. We laughed. And HOOBOY! did I ever take a lot of pictures."

Read more:

A Furry Thing Happened:

Friday Night Awesome:

We Asked. They Answered.

TL;DR version: "Furries are friendly. Very friendly."
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