June 29th, 2010

don't worry be furry

Furries Are The Friendliest People

Don't worry about the color of the sky over on Planet Langhorne. Here's what really happens when folks run into a bunch of furries at Anthrocon:
"Friday nights I play softball with an amazing group of twitter/blog/IRL friends. This week, some of us shifted plans a little bit and made our way downtown to go hunt some furries. We camped out in the Westin lobby and just flat-out had a blast. We asked questions. We learned more about the conference. We smiled. We laughed. And HOOBOY! did I ever take a lot of pictures."

Read more:

A Furry Thing Happened:

Friday Night Awesome:

We Asked. They Answered.

TL;DR version: "Furries are friendly. Very friendly."
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