June 15th, 2010

fox affliction rabies

Hey, two Podcast posts in a row.

In a nutshell, I'm doing stand up comedy at a local level in Wichita, Kansas, and everybody knows I'm a furry. Last Wednesday, a couple of the better local comics semi-sorta interviewed me at the local comedy club.


The second one (currently) down, Loony Bin Open Mic, is me. I come in about 8 minutes, say some things that will get me banned from FurAffinity, get interrupted by an injoke, then am basically in the background, making a few non-furry related Oklahoma jokes. They'd like to do a full Podcast with me, and then I'll try to be prepared and actually funny; I'm basically posting here because I said I would, and if, like, five of you actually download the thing, it would make their day. And if just one of you posts an angry furry comment on their site explaining everything I said was completely inaccurate, it would probably make their year, so, please, feel free.