February 28th, 2010

Waldof Parade Balloon

Furry on TV again?

Cross posted from my journal

While watching the morning news a few minutes ago, they ranNBC prmo for the new shows that will start after the Olympics, I wasnot really paying attention to it but I looked up at the right time andsaw for a brief moment what I thought was 2 mascots that I knew fromfurry. The show the clip was from was The Parenthood, so I went to theNBC website and found clips there and saw this


That is a screen capture of this clip


3/4of the way thru. Furries on TV again, Although from the looks of thisshow I do not think it will be a bad or negative appearance

The web site says the show will premiere on Tuesday 10/9ct. I will set the DVR to record it and see what the clip is about.