February 3rd, 2010


University of South Alabama Newspaper on SL Furries

Appearently this University has their own SL campus, and were offering 'tours' of other lands.
One of those happens the be a furry land.


The author describes furries on SL as 'anthropomorphic fetishists'.
He then proceeds to go on about sex and the characters.

However the one thing to really catch my eye was this:

--During one expedition during my research for this article I happened upon what I can only describe as a sort of sexual device museum. It was a long stone hallway with open rooms on either side, each with its own assortment of obscene theme-park rides.--

In this paragraph, he flat out says he was looking for sexual aspects.

Personally, I am tired of people seeking out sexual content, then making such a big stink if they find any...
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