January 27th, 2010

  • dronon

Furries on Quebec television

Back in June 2009, TV5 in Quebec started contacting the local furry community looking to do a piece on the fandom. Most people on the MonFur Yahoo group were uncomfortable with it, but a few folks decided to make contact. At first it didn't look like anything would be broadcast, but eventually something showed up the following November. (Discussion here.)

Here's a YouTube video. It might have been part of a series on different kinds of fans? Not sure. Anyway, the end result is a little on the geeky side but nothing embarassing from a quick skim through it. Fursuit discussion, art discussion, a lot of focus on the personal symbolism angle. I could work on a rough translation if folks are interested, but the quebecois accent is *really* difficult for me to follow.
Batty - Goggular

Furry Activity on Big Brother?

According to a text message I just received, tonight on Celebrity Big Brother (UK) is Furry Night. Although information is slim, it seems to involve the remaining housemates dressing up in fursuits (quality questionable).

If anyone else can dig up some info, then feel free to link it!