January 8th, 2010

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British Furries Hit Brazilian Telly

The Brazilian television show 'Fantastico' ran a piece on furries and showed up to a Londonfur Meet to see how the Brits do it. They spoke to a few of us and got footage of the fursuit walk. They have an article on their website about it which I have badly translated below (it's like one of those self assembly instruction manuals! =P) and they were good enough to have some footage on the site too. However I have nicked it and put it on youtube too, for posterity.

For the record, I am the fox with the big tail and light camo' trousers and londonwolf is the buff guy in the glasses who they're interviewing at the end.

The Web Page: http://fantastico.globo.com/Jornalismo/FANT/0,,MUL1433513-15605,00-JOVENS+SE+VESTEM+DE+BICHOS+DE+PELUCIA+POR+PURA+DIVERSAO.html

The Youtube:

The Babel Fish Translation:

"Young if they dress of animals of pelúcia for pure diversion

“Furry” is a person who if dresses as an animal. They themselves create the pelúcia clothes, that arrive to cost R$1 a thousand more than.

Animals taking a walk for the supermarket? For shopping? Would be an invasion, the revolt of the animals? Nothing of this! A group if dressed with pelúcia clothes and left for there. The criançada one adored!

” I taste very of these bichinhos”, count Mariana Ribeiro, 6 years.

“I do not have fear, because I know that is fantasiada person”, she affirms Maiara Ribeiro, 9 years.

Owner August Maria liked what the children more than. ” They go for street dresses thus? ”, the pensioner asks. Yes, they go!

After all, who is this group? They are “furries”, the word come of the English “fur” that she is for the one in Portuguese.

Maira and Leandro are a type of furry - they are “fursuiters” - people who if dress as the animal. They themselves create the pelúcia clothes, that arrive to cost R$1 a thousand more than. E thus, Maira if transforms into the wolf Kouta and Leandro in the Zuthar dog.

” The animal in general is the choice of the person, what it feels that it is”, Maira “Kouta Oni” explains, student.

They explain that they are not creating no newness. “If you will be to think, come since old, of the part of Egypt, legends of deuses with heads of animals, only that at that time this did not exist to use fancy”, observes Leandro “Zuthar”, security.

Only that nor all “furries” leave for there using the fancies. Some like to create personages who only exist in the drawings and games of the Internet.

“It is group of people that has interest the same, therefore when people speak of furry, people say “fandom” that she represents the universe of the fans”, count Iara Coutinho “Tiamat”, to designer.

It is a universe similar to the one of the people who like Japanese drawings, histories in quadrinhos and series of TV. Only that in the case of furries, the art is to mix animal and human beings.

In London also it is in fashion if to dress of animal and to leave for the street making bagunça. “When I am with the fancy, I can leave for the street hugging the people and to gain many smiles”, says a youngster who if dresses of tiger.

It is difficult to understand? An engineer makes a summary of what is to be one furry - is to be glad and to also make other happy people!"