December 18th, 2008

  • dwylfin

Wil Wheaton hates furries? YAWN . . .

From what I can tell, Wil Wheaton is a no-talent who parlayed his ironic fame for portraying a widely disliked character into a kind of geek-guruhood. (And yes, he was the voice of Martin in The Secret of NIMH .) So apparently when Wheaton repeats the same tired anti-furry canards that are already all over the internet, some people, at least, notice.
Tod gecko

Lewis & Floorwax Toy Giveaway

A local radio station here in Denver, 103.5 The Fox, had its annual toy giveaway today, and on hand was a cool-looking fox!

Kinda lame that his hands are showing, but meh. Always cool to see fursuiters working for good causes. :3~

You can see the rest of the pictures here; just click the link under "Pictures of the Toy Giveaway".