December 10th, 2008


Frank Bango

Today as I was browsed the web I glanced the WFMU blog and one of their top 10 was an album named The Sweet Sounds of Decay by an artist Frank Bango. website: What caught my eye was the album cover has a picture of a man sitting next to a big bunny as seen here: 

I gave a quick listen to the lyrics of one song on this CD on CD baby named Bunny in a Bunny suit and they go

"legally changing my name to my name, while make believing I am  exactly the same.  bunny in a bunny suit, A tiger in a tiger mask"

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Woyro's Warren Episode 80---2009 Conventions and HP Lovecraft

finally posted my recent episode of Woyro's Warren.  yeah, its been about a month since the last one.  the combination of the upcoming Christmas season (i'm a mailman, remember) and taking care of a disabled friend kinda put me behind. 

so, this time i talk about the various conventions (furry and otherwise) that i plan to attend in 2009.  i also spout off about a series of HP Lovecraft films that i've been watching lately.

i test-downloaded the episode via I-Tunes and it works.  you can also get it over at

the links for the show are:

Furplanet comics:

Furry Fiesta:

Anthro online magazine:

Lurker Films:

Also, i'll be taking a long Christmas weekend in Orlando from the 25th-29th.  which park should i go to?  DisneyWorld or Universal?

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