November 11th, 2008

  • woyro

Woyro's Warren episode 79---Furry Sociology

i finally got my s**t together and got an episode in the can and posted.  since i had the day off for Veterans Day i had some extra time.

if you arent subscribed through I-Tunes, then you can listen to the show over at

this time around i talk a little about the Furry Sociology survey that was posted online last month.  to read the whole thing, go over to

i also dug up a cute little song from TV's Kyle called "Kitty Cat Girl".  you can get it over at the Funny Music Project (The Fump) at:

TV's Kyle has a website at:

this time around i used my Zoom mp3 recorder to do the voice tracks (instead of my crappy $10 headset) and used my new Pyro Audio Creator to put it together.  i'm still not overly enthused by Pyro, but, for now, it gets the job done.
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