October 15th, 2008

fox affliction rabies

Well, these came out of nowhere ...

Apparently, two separate college newspapers have just discovered furry, and have posted articles to their websites within 3 hours of each other (at least, according to Google anyway).

First, from the University of Arizona, "The fur's on you." Seriously, they are really running out of fur puns. Currently, there are pictures of the two presidential wife's candidates to go with the article; apparently, someone forgot to completely wipe the template before posting. Anyway, there's quite a few quotes from ol' Unc' Kage; I'd say they were ripped off from an older article, but I've never heard them before. The article does seem a bit, well, student journalism-y, which makes sense.

Next up, we have the Cornell Daily Sun with "The Call of the Wild." Didn't even try for a fur pun. Anyway, I have no idea whether or not this guy actually is a furry, or just claims to be; it's obviously some kind of satirical personal observation column thing, or supposed to be, anyway. He seems to think he's funny. Not my cup of tea. Suffice it to say, I'm not sure what his point is, but the inspiration seems to be a janitor looking up some rather hardcore furry porn on a school computer. So, that's good exposure.

Well, there you go.

Edit: Oh, and here's a bonus palate cleanser.