October 6th, 2008

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Little Debbie NASCAR Koala

Little Debbie Snack Cakes has a new series of commercials featuring NASCAR driver Marcos Ambrose with a koala as his co-pilot. There are two commercials so far, "Co-Pilot" and "So Cute!".

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Bear SIG at MFF

Below is a draft of a syllabus for a panel I'm hosting at MFF called "Bears: Strong At Heart". We will discuss the history of the bear and what it means to us as a pop culture icon.  Could you please look at this and give me some comments on it-what should I add to this? How can I make it more interesting. Please advise. Thanks.

- Regarded by some (prehistoric Finns and Korean mythology for

example) as the spirit of forefathers.

- Many cities have adopted the bear on their coat of arms
  Bern (Switzerland)

  Berlin (Little Bear) Germany.

Bears in literature

Usually the 'all brawn no brain type'.

- Winnie the Pooh

- Baloo The Bear (Disney's Junglebook)

- Master Po  (Kung Fu Panda)

- Anyone else? (open discussion)?

Voice of Reason

Baloo (Talespin)

Mama and Papa Bear (Berenstain Bears)

Gus (Kissyfur)

Bears in Pop Culture

- Smokey The Bear

- Hamm's Bear

- Charmin Bears

- Banjo (From the Banjo/Kazootie games)

- Bentley (from the old Atari Crystal Castles Coin Op).

- "Bear Market" on Wall Street

- Gunther Grizzwell (The Grizzwells)

- Ursals (Kevin and Kell strip)

- Three Bears (of Goldilocks fame).

- Good Bears Of The World (Non profit organization that gives away

teddy bears to the needy and sick children)

- California Grizzly (California state symbol)
  - UCLA "Golden Bruins"
  - Big Bear (city)
  - Big Bear Lake