July 31st, 2008

cape fox furry beard 2007 loren

Odd portrait in GLBT paper of a self-described "postfurry"

Here's an odd, rambling portrait of a trans (MTF) artist who worked for John Kricfalusi's "Spümcø" animation company. The article's subject describes her relationship to the furry community:

“I’ve always been at the borders of the furry thing... [But], the postfurry community’s core is - well, my boyfriends, so I suppose I’m still somewhere near the center of it.”

It's not a negative article, but it's pretty unfocused and badly constructed. Even with ten years in furdom (and dating trans folks), and empathy with the subject in "drawing parallels between trans and furry experiences", I still can't figure out half the article's meaning -- or its point. *shrug*

Out of curiosity, does anyone know her?