July 2nd, 2008


World Weird Web: Conventionally Weird

Another reporter jumps on the old stereotypes bandwagon about Anthrocon 2008.

"While Anthrocon’s organizers go out of their way to emphasize the innocuous and fun elements of the convention, and protest that dressing up as an African animal or as a cat is a PG rated activity, the sexual undertones of the gathering are clear.."

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Another Interesting Correspondence on EITM

This one was on Anthrocon.

A caller phoned in to Elliot in the Morning and said "hey, I was at that convention in Pittsburgh."  "Oh, you're one of the furries?"  Clearly they'd talked about this before.  The conversation was mostly pleasant; the caller mildly admitted to a bit of "hooking up" (Elliot's words) during the call but for the most part was just talking about the convention itself; panels, the atmosphere, etc.

To my surprise, after the call was over and the conversation of course turned to the sexual aspects of the fandom (this is EITM, what do you expect?), it was Diane who said something like "Well that's, like, the definition of a furry, isn't it?"  God DAMN I wish my phone was working... And again, to my surprise, it was Elliot on the defense, comparing going to a furry convention specifically for sex to going to a librarian's convention for much the same reason, and just in general being willing to actually gather facts before making conclusions.  Very refreshing.