June 23rd, 2008

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Woyro's Warren episode 69 (and no silly jokes)---off to Anthrocon!

 Just posted the new episode of Woyro's Warren.  Nothing mega-fancy this week.  just a quick rundown of some of the interesting events going on this week in Pittsburgh.  Itunes downloaded the show just fine for me.  its also available at :  http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com

otherwise, how are things?

i worked up a flyer to bring to the con.  something to leave on the tables to promote the show.

right now i'm burning some of the earlier shows onto cd so that i can free up some space on my laptop.  i was over at a new Staples store that just opened about a mile away from me.  i saw some software there for making podcasts.  maybe i'll pick it up when i get back.  just another step in upgrading the show.

i'll be hitting the road tomorrow.  Pittsburgh is only 300 miles away, but i want to do some sightseeing before the con.  mainly a couple zoos, a cave and the Warhol museum.  

gotta run.  got things to do!
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