June 17th, 2008


(Canada Only) Robson Arms "No Sex in the City"

At about the 5min mark of the video here http://watch.ctv.ca/robson-arms/season-3/robson-arms-ep-308-no-sex-in-the-city/#clip49725 the girls go to a furry dance club one dressed like a bunny and the other like a cat.

The episode still falls along the lines of the stereotypical as there is a suiter in a dog suit that tries to get a bit fresh with the bunny and there is mentioning of the word furvert as the guy in the bear suit tries to play the furries down as normal people just having a good time.
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Episode 68---Interview with the PA PETS!!!

 finally got the new show posted over at http://www.woyroswarren.mevio.com .

this week i talk with Wolfdog and Darkwolf of the PA Pawpets online puppet show.  you can see their site at http://www.papawpets.org.
i decided to just run the interview raw...not chop it up.  just imagine a conversation with 3 friends.   it didnt come out too badly.  i'm sure that the more interviews that i do, the better i'll get.  

next week will be the Pre-AC show.  
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