May 22nd, 2008


Furry Gaming show.

Hey guys. Siege pointed me out this way a while back, but I only just got around to joining ond posting what I've got. I recently started doing a show for gaming news, and well... Here it is I guess.. >.>
It's only up to 2 episodes so far, and I plan to make one twice a month. And the firs tone has suck audio quality. v.v

Episode 2 Link:
This week we talk about GTA4, SecuraROM and copy protection, the new Banjo Kazooie, Spore, R-Type Command, and a little tangent about Civ, and Modding Mass Effect.

You can also subscribe to it over iTunes, just do a search for 'Furry GameCast'

Podcast feed: Subscribe
Podcast feed: Subscribe