April 24th, 2008

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TV Tropes

Here's a fun website, TV Tropes. It's a type of Wiki that lists not exactly cliches, but commonly used devices in story-telling. Despite it's name, it covers more than TV tropes, and includes movies, books, video games and comics. If you can theoretically tell a story with it, it's in there.

Well, it actually does have an article on the Furry Fandom, despite the fact that, well, whatever else you accuse us of, we're not a commonly used device in story-telling. I'm really not sure why there IS an article on the furry fandom, actually, but there is. The site does have a lot of good animal tropes. Check out the Anthropomorphism and Animal Stereotypes sublists especially. Animated tropes has some good stuff, though a bit harder to find. And finally, a list of notable furry webcomics. Note that in order to be considered notable for any of TV Tropes' webcomic lists, the webcomic has to have been read, or even heard or, at one time by a TV Tropes editor, and that editor has to have decided to add it to the list.

Take that, Wikipedia.