April 19th, 2008

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Woyro's Warren episode 62 is up---Live from Spokane!!!

 yeah, i finally sat down and ground out a new episode of Woyro's Warren.  its posted over at http://www.woyroswarren.podshow.com.

and, did i mention that you can subscribe to the show via ITunes?  yup.  i'm listed now.

a couple of corrections, first of all:

1) in the show i mention the actor Ted Levine.  i think i called him TONY.  maybe i was mentally mixing him up with musician Tony Levin.   

2)  i mention the character of Buffalo Bill from the movie THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (which ties in with Ted Levine).  i may have called him WILD Bill.  probably was thinking with my friend Wild Bill TX.  

thats what happens when you try to rush a much-delayed show out at 7am on a saturday morning.

so far i'm having a pretty nice time here at All Fur Fun here in Seattle.

here is a link to the nice fur (Baccala-30) who posted the Deal or Big Deal videos over at Youtube:

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