March 28th, 2008

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Woyro's Warren Episode 60---Live from Pawpet Megaplex

 Yes!  i was able to cut an episode of Woyro's Warren LIVE from my hotel room here at Pawpet Megaplex!  the wireless internet here is FREE and working pretty darn well.  it almost makes me believe in miracles!

as always, the show is available at

a couple quick links for this show:

Pawpet Megaplex:

Angyl Kille, sculptor

more later.
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The Deviant's Pocket Guide ...

... to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious. By Dennis Diclaudio.

I'm not exactly what prompted me to take this book down off the shelf of a local Barnes & Noble, but one thought was certainly, "I wonder if furries get mentioned?"

Well, now I'm posting to Furry Media, so what do you think?

The first hint comes right in the introduction with the line "Or to fall hopelessly in love with a cartoon badger." Well, actually, the first hint is really in the table of contents, in the "Costumes & Play" section we find a listing for "Fursuit Fetish." Other articles of interest include "Plushophilia," "Voreaphilia," and the real mother-lode, "Schediaphilia," which basically means "cartoon fetish," but in this book becomes basically "cartoon animal fetish." In fact, it even lists "Yiff" as an alternative name for schediaphilia write next to the article title. Take that, hentai.

Now, this whole thing may not exactly fly with everyone here, but I found it not that bad really. And despite being a dictionary for fetishes, and listing Dan Savage's column as a primary source, it does do a decent job of saying not all furries are into yiff or fursuit sex, or that even if a guy has a fursuit, he's necessarily having sex in it, and that plushophilia is related to, but not the same as, furry. Also, it should be pointed out that though the book does have an article on "Zoophilia," furry does not garner a single mention, and though there are references between articles, the furry centric ones do not point back to zoophilia, or vice versa. As pointed out earlier, the book makes no distinction between cartoon porn featuring human characters and cartoon porn featuring animal characters. Articles usually end with some sort of caution, but the worst it cautions is that cartoon porn may cause "body image issues" and that fursuit sex is REALLY expensive and hard to clean.
The tone (despite the title) seems to be less "This is sick!" than "This is for real."