March 23rd, 2008

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Woyro's Warren Episode 59

 i forgot to post that i had rattled off a new episode of Woyro's Warren before i left for vacation.  Yep, i'm in sunny Mesa Arizona right now.  i'm sitting on the back porch at my folks' house...listening to the birds and the wind chimes.  i'd lost 30 pounds since i saw them in November and they commented that they could see the difference.  especially in my face.

anyway, this week's episode is short.  about 12 minutes.  i'd been blathering a bit the last 2 episodes so i thought i'd give you inrepid souls a breather.  as usual, the show is available at  
i've submitted the show to iTunes for listing.  i'm hoping to hear back from them soon.  

here are thelinks for this week's show:

Pawpet Megaplex:

Jacksonville Zoo
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